HP Switches and Storage Device


Generic switches are small flat boxes with 4 to 8 Ethernet ports; however, more complex switches can have as many as 50 ports. Switches have multiples functions; they can be used to connect computers, cable and DSI modems but are most often used to network two or more computers together. Switches are more effective than hubs as they can be utilized to control and regulate traffic between ports, thus ensuring that each connected device has equal band width. Unlike routers, switches cannot be configured by software and are therefore unable to provide firewall and logging functions.

Storage Devices:

Computer storage devices are hardware apparatus which facilitate the storage of data; the most generic storage device is a computer’s hard drive which contains the operating system, files, folders and applications. Whereas hard drives are fixed means of storage there are many portable devices such as USB pens, iPods and smart phones; compact flash and SD cards are also used to store digital images. Tape drives which operate by using reels of tape are less common means of data storage. More sophisticated storage devices such as external hard drives connect to PCs via Firewire and USB ports and can be used to back up internal hard drives or to store video and photo libraries.

We at SBC supply a comprehensive range of switches and storage device solutions; all of which are quality assured, enabling you to optimize your organization’s network potential. SBC Communications supplies:

• Generic Switches

• High End Switches

• Hard Drives

• USB Pens

• Compact Flash/SD Cards

• Tape Drives

• External Hard Drives

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