Netgear Networking

NETGEAR_ProSafe_24PortGB_switchIn order to maintain our reputation for delivering world class products and services, we at SBC Communications conduct extensive market research prior to selecting suppliers and forging partnerships. We pride ourselves in offering only premium products from each business and telecommunication’s category. We have a vested interest in ensuring that we offer bespoke business and telecoms solutions which are tailored to your Small to Medium Enterprise’s individual requirements.

We are delighted to announce that we have formed an excellent working relationship and robust partnership with the internationally renowned networking solutions provider, Netgear, enabling us to provide bespoke market leading, networking solutions.

Netgear is recognized for its outstanding networking provision within Small to Medium Enterprises (SME), (organizations with less than 250 employees) and homes across the nation. Their reputation was founded on a strong brand identity and the consistent delivery of nuanced and reliable networking products, enabling them to secure annual revenues of over $700 million.

Netgear has 37,000 retail outlets across the world; their prolific global networking reputation combined with our extensive experience in communications provision enables our customers to be confident in our ability to supply and operate their networking requirements. Netgear products are also distributed internationally via global retailers such as PC World (UK), MediaMarkt (Germany), CDW, Wal-Mart, Staples, Best Buy, Fry’s Electronics (USA) and online platforms such as Amazon, Dell and Broadband service providers such as Virgin Media, BSkyB (UK), YouSee, Telecom (Denmark), Comhem (Sweden), Time-Warner Cable, Comcast, TV Cabo (Portugal), Telkom (South Africa) and J:Com (Japan) also supply Netgear networking products.

Through our partnership with Netgear our customers can access and share internet access, files, applications, digital media content and peripherals via multiple personal computers and other internet-enabled devices.

SBC Communications, in partnership with Netgear’s networking products have three classifications:

• Ethernet Networking Products (Ethernet Adapters, Hubs,Switches &Accessories)

• Broadband Products (Secured Wired/ Wireless Routers & Gateways)

• Wireless Products (Adapters, Access Points, Antennas and Accessories)

*This list is not exhaustive

Network Support

We at SBC, pride ourselves on our ability to resolve any networking problems you may encounter immediately, ensuring the smooth and efficient operation of your networking systems. This is achieved via a robust and effective remote support link between your IT systems and our specialist technicians. We can provide a bespoke contract tailored to your individual requirements regardless of whether you wish to outsource all of your operational and maintenance networking needs to us, or if you simply require back-up or emergency support we are able to assist.

SBC Communication’s, in partnership with Netgear, offers an extensive range of generic and bespoke networking services and solutions such as:

• Assessment and Design

• Build and Testing

• Internet and Network Security

• Cabled and Wireless Networking Solutions

• Local and Wide Area Networking (LAN & WAN)

• Virtual Private Networks (VPN)

• Remote Access Solutions

• Email and Messaging Solutions

• Database Design and Administration

• System Upgrades and Data Migration

• Data Storage and Backup Solutions

Should you have any queries or wish to find out more about SBC Communication’s (in conjunction with Netgear’s) comprehensive range of technologically advanced networking solutions, please contact us on: 0207 1994610 and one of our customer services representatives will be happy to assist you.