Uninterruptible Power Supplies

ups_2707569An Uninterruptable Power Supply (UPS) is an electrical device which supplies power to a network when the designated input power source or ‘mains’ fails. A UPS unit is more advanced than a standby-generator as it has the ability to provide instantaneous power, thereby facilitating an uninterrupted power supply by means of multiple batteries and electronic circuitry which are attached to the system or by means of diesel generators when a high powered output is required. A UPS unit can supply between 5-15 minutes of uninterrupted power which provides ample opportunity for an auxiliary supply to be made operational or in the instance of critical cases, for the affected apparatus to be shut down correctly.

A UPS unit can be deployed to protect many different systems such as computers, data centres, telecommunications’ apparatus and numerous kinds of electrical equipment; however, its main function is to prevent injuries and fatalities which can be caused by unexpected power loss.

UPS units are often grouped into different categories such as online, interactive or standby; they are also sorted according to the number of power related problems they can fix:

  • Online UPS units use what is defined as a ‘double conversion’ method by receiving the AC input and converting it to DC, thus ensuring it is compatible to be passed through a rechargeable battery before inverting it back to its original format of 120V/230 V AC in order to supply power to the equipment.
  • Line-interactive UPS units sustains the inverter in line when the power is lost, redirecting the battery’s DC path from its normal charging mode in order to supply the required current.
  • Standby UPS units, often referred to as ‘off-line’ systems are directly powered by the input power; circuitry is utilized solely when the utility power fails. UPS units below 1 KVA are generally line interactive or standby units as they are more cost effective.

SBC Communication’s comprehensive range of market leading UPS units can be used to correct common power problems. Our UPS units vary in size, the smaller units are designed to protect single computers (around 200 VA rating); whereas, our larger units have the capacity to power buildings or even entire cities.

SBC Communication’s quality UPS solutions correct common utility power problems such as:

  • Power failure (the total loss of input voltage)
  • Surge (a momentary or sustained increase in the main voltage)
  • Sag (a momentary or sustained reduction in input voltage)
  • Spikes (a brief high voltage excursion)
  • Noise (a high frequency transient or oscillation, usually injected the line by nearby equipment)
  • Frequency instability (temporary changes in the mains frequency)
  • Harmonic distortion a departure from the ideal sinusoidal waveform expected on the line


UPS Brochure

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