ngnNone geographic or telemarketing numbers are not fixed to a specific geographical location; they are also highly effective marketing mechanisms which can increase your customer base and your revenue dramatically. SBC  Communications can supply all seven categories of NGNs from free phone numbers to lo-call and premium rate numbers.

As telephone calls are generally the first impression and often your only point of contact with your customers, it is therefore essential that your telecommunications are managed by a specialist company encompassing the bespoke solutions and expertise your business requires.

SBC Communications business telecommunications services range from providing inbound numbers to managing complete strategic sourcing services. We will work alongside your team to design and implement solutions that meet your exact requirements, ensuring the next generation technology we supply delivers real, cost-effective solutions which compliment your current business mechanisms.

Choosing a number which caters to your individual requirements

SBC Communications can supply easy-to-remember number for advertisements through to revenue-generating technical enquiry hotline numbers.

FreeCall (0800)

Are free of charge to the caller, meaning that your company pays the call charges.  Although this may sound unappealing research has established that obtaining a 0800 prefix can increase calls by up to 300% on standard numbers. Having a 0800 number also inspires trust and forges lasting customer client relationships.

LowCall (0845)

often known as local or lo-call numbers allow customers from BT landlines to call your business for free no matter where they are located in the UK, conversely, your business is not charged to receive them. Once again a 0845 prefix can drastically improve your caller response and caller retention. With a personalized 0845 number your customers can contact you at the rate of a local call.

NationalCall (0870)

As customers calling from BT landlines can now call these numbers free of charge regardless of their location in the UK; they now work in the same manner as 0845numbers. With 0870 numbers, customers pay national rates and you receive a percentage of the call charge.

(0871) and (0844) numbers:

known as fixed rate numbers were introduced in 2000. 0845 numbers are charged at 5p per minute to call and 0871 numbers cost up to 10p per minute to call; generating up to 7p per minute for each call received. Adopting one of these numbers can generate thousands of pounds per annum for small businesses and hundreds of thousands of pounds per annum for medium to large businesses.

PremiumCall (0906)

Are numbers starting with 090, they are recognized commonly as the prefix for “chat lines” but are also utilized for technical support and phone in competitions. These calls are charged at premium rate tariffs on a sliding scale of 25p to £1.50 per minute. As the caller pays for the entire call cost the revenue is shared by the telephone operator and the business to which the calls are made. These calls are however, regulated by strict guidelines, so if this is your method of choice you will need to read these regulations which can be located on the Independent Committee for Supervision of Standards of Telephone Services (ICSST) website before making your selection.Revenue generation is the primary reason for using this service; callers can be charged up to £1.50 per minute.

Should you have any queries or are wish to find out more about our extensive range of Non Geographic Number solutions please contact us on: 0207 199 4610 and one of our customer service representatives will be happy to assist you.