SBC Communications WLR is available in three different formats, namely WLR3 ISDN30; WLR3 ISDNe and WLR Analogue. All of our WLR services are billed monthly.

WLR Analogue is available as a single or multi line service, both standard and premium packages are available with a single line service whilst all multi line services are premium packages. A range of management tools and dialogue services are available with these services. We also offer a maintenance programme with this package.

WLR3 ISDNe is a standard service which supplies two digital channels simultaneously via a copper pair over the public network. WLR3 ISDNe offers high speed transmission with high quality speech and data installations. WLR3 ISDNe lines also have access to some of our standard services.

WLR3 ISDN 30 is a premium service which offers the fastest high speed data transmission of all of our WLR packages. This service also provides a clearer and more defined voice quality than either the analogue or standard ISDN package. As with the other services a customized maintenance programme is available.

Should you have any queries or are wish to find out more about SBC Communications carrier service please contact us on: 0207 199 4610 and one of our customer service representatives will be happy to assist you.