technology-partnersSBC Communications
are an autonomous company, in order to maintain our reputation for delivering world class products and services we conduct extensive market research prior to selecting suppliers and forging partnerships. We pride ourselves in offering only premium products from each business and telecommunications category. We have a vested interest in ensuring that we offer bespoke business and telecoms solutions which are tailored to your SME's individual requirements.

Since founding the company, three years ago we at SBC Communications have established excellent working relationships and robust partnerships with internationally renowned providers of telecommunications services. By working closely with our suppliers we have utmost confidence in their ability to deliver nuanced cutting edge technology; conversely they rely upon SBC to procure business with reputable SMEs.

SBC Communications are delighted to convey that we have formed many strategic business partnerships with prestigious suppliers including Avaya, Alcatel, Scansource, BT, Cerberus Networks, Sphinxs, HP Procurve, Juniper Networks & Mitel. All of our partners have been selected especially to ensure that all of the solutions which we offer our customers are market leading services. Through the amalgamation of our suppliers' next generation technology, our integration expertise and in house application advancement capabilities, we at SBC are uniquely positioned to fulfil all of your ICT requirements.

SBC Communications Partners includes: