Convergence_liveConvergence is the fusion of various services on one network or device. There are many compelling reasons for converging communication services, such as the prospect of reduced costs, greater flexibility, and simpler network and service roll-out.

It is however important to devise and implement a converged solution or multi-service network carefully, in order to ensure that the applications which are to be run across it perform as they would if they had a dedicated infrastructure.

SBC Communications is ideally placed to provide both the infrastructure and converged solutions which you require, such as:

  • Private or VPN data connectivity
  • Internet access
  • Voice and Voice over IP (VoIP) services
  • Mobility Services
  • Remote Access
  • Advanced applications such as Microsoft Exchange, Sharepoint, etc.

We will operate all aspects of this converged solutions service in order to ensure that their performance meets our stringent levels of customer service excellence. We also execute themigration of existing services on to a converged infrastructure.

Converged solutions from SBC Communications differ from those offered by our competitors as we actively listen to our customer's individual needs prior to designing a converged solution which is specifically tailored to the organization's converged solution requirements.

With Convergence being a relatively new advancement a definitive definition of the term convergence is yet to be established and this causes much confusion. It is impossible to ascertain at this point exactly how convergence will evolve in the next five years; we can however determine what consumers want and need from convergence which in turn can shape its evolution.

Convergence is the fusion of all things technological with information services to form convergent solutions. It is the third space which is formed when a cable-access line is run into a home that also delivers high-speed Internet access. A working example of convergence is the BlackBerry smart phone which can send and receive e-mail messages and instant messaging services from a wireless, handheld personal digital handset. A device which is also capable of internet access and the making/receiving of telephone calls.

A working definition of convergence is: voice, data and video travelling on the same network(s), this traffic is then transported wirelessly to devices on that network.