bridgewave-flexportSBC Communications is a rapidly increasing, market leading, specialist communications enterprise which services the wireless market. We are proud to introduce our Wireless Connectivity solutions; these solutions do not require the expensive cabling associated with connectivity and are therefore perfect for companies who wish to reduce costs in the current economic climate. We at SBC Communications have taken the market share in communications’ solutions’ provision by supplying premium products at competitive prices. As we recognize the importance of delivering customer service excellence, all of our customer focused staff are highly trained on all of our products and services. SBC Communications not only supplies internal and external wireless (WLAN) solutions, we also stock a comprehensive range of premium outdoor wireless connectivity (both point to point and multi point) solutions, accessories and spare parts. Site surveys and Consultancy Services are also provided on request.

Some of the advantages of SBC Communications’ WLAN solutions are:

  • They effortlessly facilitate the adding or moving of work stations
  • They facilitate connectivity provision in areas where it is difficult to lay cabling
  • Cable free Installation is swift and effective
  • The wireless network can be accessed from anywhere within range of an access point (e.g. in the case of a school computer lab where laptops are often moved from lab to lab via portable trolleys each of the laptops would still be able to access WLAN as long as they were within range of an access point (or wired network point)
  • WLAN can be used to supply connectivity to portable and semi-permanent buildings
  • Although the initial cost of acquiring the WLAN hardware is comparable to that of wired LAN software the installation costs are considerably lower
  • Companies with multiple sites (e.g. on opposite sides of the same road) can benefit from directional antenna, thus eliminating the need to dig trenches under the roads in order to connect the sites
  • WLAN can protect the historic architecture of period and listed buildings by eliminating the need to drill holes in walls
  • Substantial long term savings can be made by companies who are in transition and therefore frequently move from one site to another.

SBC Communications are proud of the results of our customer satisfaction surveys and testimonials which have established. that our customers rate us as the best supplier of communications solutions on the market. If you are new to SBC Communications, we are confident that you will be pleased with our solutions and our customer service provision

Should you have any queries or wish to find out more about our wireless solutions, please contact our sales team on: 0207 199 4610 and one of our sales representatives will be happy to assist you.