Computer Telephony Integration CTI

CTI is an intelligent next generation network telecommunications software which integrates the telephone switch to identify the caller. It then utilizes this data to scan your databases in order to acquire the caller's information. The software subsequently screen pops this data to the wallboard before the agent even answers the call. Conversely, CTI software can connect with your database to place out going calls via its automatic dial service.

SBC Communications now provide CTI solutions, a flexible application which scales itself to your enterprise's individual requirements regardless of its size. Connect integrates effectively with our call logging, call recording and wallboard  solutions as it enables each recorded call to be tagged with its personal customer reference prior to archiving.

As the software polls the customer's information before the call is answered, costs and call handling time are reduced dramatically, which in turn increases productivity and drives sales.

This intelligent application also optimizes the agent's efficiency by automatically polling the content screen so that the agent can make notes whilst dealing with the clients query. Furthermore, if the call is transferred all of the client's details are then delivered to the agent to whom the call has been passed.

Should you have any queries or are wish to find out more about SBC Communications Computer Integrated Telephony solution please contact us on: 0207 199 4610 and one of our customer service representatives will be happy to assist you.