broadband1Are you fed up with slow business broadband speeds taking up too much of your time?

SBC Communications ADSL2+ Broadband is a market leading, high speed internet solution whose next generation technology can significantly improve your SME's performance whilst simultaneously reducing your costs. As ADSL2+ internet broadband is dramatically faster and more dependable than leased lines or ADSL services it enables you to enjoy uninterrupted internet connectivity.

ADSL2+ incorporates innovative next generation technology, offering unrivalled connectivity speeds which are transmitted through existing copper wires. The revenue saved on installation costs is then extended to the customer via competitive prices, with many customers reporting that they pay 25% less per annum.

SBC Communications X2 internet service boasts lightning speeds of up to 48Mpbs downstream and 5Mpbs upstream; all other packages offer ultra-fast speeds of up to 24Mpbs downstream and 2.5Mpbs upstream.

SBC Communications is an Nation wide provider of ADSL2+ internet broadband solutions with hundreds of installations throughout the UK.  We provide and support the complete range of  ADSL2+ internet solutions which consists of SBC X2, SBC's ADSL2+ Business Broadband, SBC's ADSL2+ Home broadband and the ADSL2+ Broadband Router.  All of these services include 24/7 unlimited broadband usage*, no upload or download caps and free high specification modem/routers.

SBC Communications now offer's  the UK's first  true bonded ADSL2+ internet solution whose performance, resilience and flexibility are unprecedented. This premium service transmits connectivity over two different lines, giving you the peace of mind that if one line is in-operational connectivity can continue via the functioning line.

The key features of this package are:

  • Connectivity of up to 48 Mpbs downstream and up to 5 Mpbs upstream
  • This package offers 4, 8 or 16 IPs
  • 24/7 unlimited usage*
  • 24/7 monitoring, email alerts and online band width usage tracking with optional email reports
  • Optional fully managed router with advanced replacement maintenance

Low contention for consistent ultra fast connection

Should you have any queries or wish to find out more about SBC CommunicationsADSL2+ internet solutions please contact us on: 0207 199 4610 and one of our customer service representatives will be happy to assist you.

*Although 24/7 unlimited usage is available on all packages it is subject to SBC Communications Ltd "fair usage policy".